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Welcome to the site of John Rodriguez, DC politician and Senior Political Analyst.

John Rodriguez Background

A native Californian of Puerto Rican decent, John Rodriguez was raised in the Coachella Valley where he learned the importance of social justice in his youth. During his youth, John Rodriguez spent time volunteering with the Desert AIDS Project and helped organize AIDS walks in his community. He went on to continue his education at California State University, San Bernardino, where he studied political philosophy and received a B.A. in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino.

John has an extensive background in community organizing and development. In 2008, John became a community organizer for Inland Congregations United for Change in the Coachella Valley where he helped build powerful community organizations. With John’s direction, leaders were able to make real change through government collaboration, and build new parks, safer streets, and change policy to create a better quality of life for their communities. In 2010, John became the lead architect of The California Endowment’s 10-year-plan, the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. In 2011, John lead “best practice” that allowed the development of a California state legislative bill, AB 353.

John also has a substantial body of experience with political campaigns, with involvement in 40 races since 2008, including local, state legislative, county executive, and attorney general elections. Among his accomplishments are helping to lead Dr. Raul Ruiz to victory in California’s 36 Congressional district as his Political Director, unseating an eight-term incumbent, and managing the campaign of Edward “Smitty” Smith, a Democratic candidate for Attorney General of the District of Columbia who out-raised his four opponents, despite having never before held an elected office.

Since moving to DC in 2016, John Rodriguez has worked as the Senior Political Analyst for “El Tiempo Latino,” the oldest Spanish language Newspaper in DC affiliated with the Washington Post. His column covers political influence and effects on Latino communities and communities of color. 

Most recently, John Rodriguez served as State Director for Andrew Yang 2020 presidential campaign in Iowa as the first latinx in the state’s history. 

For more information regarding John Rodriguez, John Rodriguez’s DC political activities, and other political topics, please return to this site for future updates.

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